Fairmount Fire Company is Now Alerting Through Safety Cloud®

In an effort to enhance road safety and protect first responders, Fairmount Fire Company is now integrating HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud® digital alerting into their fire apparatus. This collision prevention service enables the delivery of real-time alerts to Pennsylvania’s drivers when emergency services are active in the vicinity. Safety Cloud boosts driver compliance with Move Over laws by dispatching real-time notifications when first responders are en route or on-scene. This digital solution effectively enhances lightbars and sirens with additional in-vehicle notification, thereby minimizing the likelihood of collisions with first responders. Safety Cloud’s digital alerting delivers immediate warnings to drivers of the proximity of emergency vehicles or road workers. This preemptive measure is proven to significantly reduce collision risks by up to 90%, safeguarding both first responders and the motoring public. Despite Pennsylvania’s Move Over laws necessitating drivers to decelerate and change lanes when approaching active emergency vehicles, delayed or non-compliant reactions persist. Safety Cloud addresses this issue by providing up to 30 seconds of preemptive warning, facilitating safer responses.

The alerts are accessible via the Waze navigation app and Apple Maps, compatible with mobile devices and integrated into the dashboard of many modern vehicles. Safety Cloud alerts are also available on the infotainment screens of millions of vehicles, specifically 2018 and newer models of Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, and Dodge through the EVAS (Emergency Vehicle Alert System) feature. HAAS Alert is actively working on broadening the alerts to more platforms and vehicles. “Adopting Safety Cloud adds a layer of protection for our firefighters, facilitating their operations with enhanced safety,” expressed Chief Gavin Butler. “By providing drivers with additional time to respond appropriately, this service establishes a safer environment for both our crew and surrounding motorists. We strongly recommend drivers to utilize Waze and Apple Maps, both free-to-use apps, to benefit from these vital road safety alerts.”

For more information about HAAS Alert, visit www.haasalert.com.