On November 1, 1986 Fairmount Fire Company President Brinton C. Moyer died of a heart attack while responding to an alarm.  Mr. Moyer, who was a 24 year veteran of the fire company collapsed in his car after he pulled into the Wissahickon Park Apartments complex where a small fire had initiated the call.  In addition to being president, Mr. Moyer was also captain of the Fairmount Fire Police and was to have directed traffic at the intersection of the apartment complex and West Main Street. 

        Mr. Moyer had joined the company in 1961 and was elected second lieutenant to the fire police in 1964 serving in that position to 1969 when he was elected first lieutenant.  In 1967, while still holding the position of lieutenant in the fire police, Mr. Moyer was elected vice president of the company.  He gave up his position as an officer of the fire police when he was elected president in 1971, he served as president for 15 years.  At the October meeting the members of the company voted to set aside a page in the minutes book in honor of their fallen president, Brinton Moyer. “Brit,” as he was called by his friend, would be greatly missed, and his contributions to the smooth operation of the fire company were well known. 

        On December 8th 1986, a plaque was awarded posthumously to Brit Moyer for devotion to duty and unselfish service to the borough. The plaque was presented by the Mayor of Lansdale, the Honorable Michael DiNunzio, Charles R Wall, President of Lansdale Borough Council.  It was accepted by his two sons, Brinton D. Moyer and Richard C. Moyer.

– From “A History of the Fairmount Fire Company” by Robert W. Quinn